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Kaipola – a green transition hub

Kaipola Green Port in the middle of southern Finland in Kaipola, Jämsä, is the docking site of renewable, circular economy-based industry. Its purpose is to serve such operators in renewable raw materials and energy, energy storage, recycling and bio-based materials, and food production industries that can benefit from the solid industrial infrastructure in the region.

Kaipola Green Port is a private real estate investment company committed to the long-term development of the former paper mill area.

Kaipola Green Port’s mission and vision

Kaipola Green Port’s mission is to develop into the leading and most innovative circular economy and renewable industry site in Finland. Its members provide synergic benefits to each other in energy utilization, production processes, material flow, and logistics.

Kaipola – the green port of renewable industry

Kaipola Green Port is a green transition hub that offers the following services and facilities that provide easier and faster deployment.

  • total area of around 80 ha
  • more than 200 000 m2 of industrial and warehouse space
  • more than 5,000 m2 of office and shared indoor spaces (incl. sports facilities and staff restaurant) 
  • 200,000 m2 of building rights
  • own water treatment plant (900 m3/min)
  • own biopower plant 110 MW (electricity, heat, steam)
  • connection to the main grid (2 x 110 kV, Elenia Verkko Oyj), with a top transmission capacity of 400 MW
  • mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plant
  • private railroad, with rail connection to all main ports in Southern Finland
  • unloading, loading, storage and shipping operations
  • overhead cranes in all production halls (30 – 100 tn)
  • cloud-based vehicle scale
  • full internal fibre network
  • internal electricity distribution network
  • property management services, fenced and centrally monitored factory area
  • plans for a 35–50 MW solar power plant in the proximity

“This is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Ellen Mac Arthur

Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation,
Solo sailor

Why choose Kaipola Green Port?

Industrial spaces

More than 200,000 m2 of convertible industrial space.


Option for self-sufficient operational and heating energy production. Kaipola has a biopower plant (electricity, heat and steam) and Elenia Verkko’s main grid connection (2 x 110 kV).


Kaipola has comprehensive road connections from all over Finland and a rail connection to all main ports in Southern Finland.


Kaipola Green Port is located by the lake Päijänne, known for its clean water, in a former UPM paper mill site in Kaipola, Jämsä. Distances to all major cities are optimal – 250 km to Helsinki, 80 km to Tampere and 60 km to Jyväskylä. There is also an active rail connection to the Kaipola factory area, which enables connections to ports.

Tehtaankatu 1, 42220 Kaipola

Services provided by Invest Jämsä

  • Significant investment support for conversion construction and machine and equipment investment
  • Centralized marketing support within The renewing industry in Jämsä program
  • Help with permits and zoning
  • Customized support for housing and education
  • Versatile opportunities for hobbies and sports activities
Kaipola Green Port
Wood construction and wood product industries
The utilization of side streams from forest industry
Energy production and storage
Circular economy for plastics
Food industry and industrial subcontracting
Biogas production and refining

Who is Kaipola for?

The Kaipola factory site is best suited for the industrial operations of responsible large and medium-sized companies within the forest industry, bioenergy, and material flows. Kaipola Green Port has a ready-made industrial infrastructure, and the facilities can easily be converted to serve new needs. Customizable space solutions combined with completed and modern facilities enable fast deployment of business operations. Kaipola Green Port works closely with the city of Jämsä, which provides versatile support in, e.g., business subsidies and helps with permits and zoning processes.

Space solutions

The facilities in the Kaipola factory area can be modified quickly and at a lower cost than new construction.

Contact us with the form below for more information about working space solutions.

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Space solutions:
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Rental of real estate:
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