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News from Kaipola including current and future tenants

We have managed to cope with the winter and freezing temperatures in Kaipola so far fairly well with the help of electric heating without major damage. Many thanks for this to our team of 6 people, who have maintained the property, anticipated possible risks and repaired the occurred damage immediately. Our aim is to find an operator for the power plant during the current year before the start of the next heating season.

The utilization and disposal of the recycling and other materials left on the property after the bankruptcy of Kaipola Recycling Oy has been investigated with several different operators and we believe that the materials can be properly utilized and disposed of during the current year.

We look to the future and take Kaipola towards a new future. The goal is to create 300-600 jobs in Kaipola with 450-600 million eur investments from future tenants within the next three years.

Kaipola currently has the following tenants:

– UPM roll grinding plant grinds the paper machine rolls for  UPM’s paper mills.

– The Voith roll factory coats and refurbishes special rolls for UPM and other operators.

– Logent Oy, a logistics and storage services company stores its customers’ products in the area.

– Kaipola Circular Oy has started trial runs of the first production equipment, producing plastic oil as a raw material for plastic manufacturers. There are plans to expand production based on the results of the trials.

Future new tenants who have decided or are planning to settle in Kaipola

– Valkea Energy Storage Kaipola Oy has received construction permits for a 50 MW energy storage facility and may apply for construction permits for an additional capacity of 40 MW at a later stage. The energy storage consists of lithium batteries in containers, which are placed in the yard. The energy storage equalizes the frequency changes of the Finnish electricity grid, ensuring the operation of the electricity grid in exceptional situations. The company is also planning to build a 30-35 MW solar power plant near the Kaipola property.

– Finnforel Oy, about 5 million kilo circulation fish farm. Finnforel Oy continues to carry out the EIA program with the aim of obtaining an environmental permit for the project during the current year.

– SSE Suomen Säätöenergia Oy, plans to build a Biomethanol production unit in Kaipola. Biomethanol replaces fossil fuels, e.g. in shipping, after maritime traffic comes within the scope of emission rights regulations at the beginning of 2024. The company will start the EIA and environmental permit application procedure for the facility located in Kaipola during the current year.

– Negotiations are underway with a possible new operator of the power plant. The negotiations are expected to lead to an agreement on the start-up of the power plant in autumn 2024.

In addition, negotiations are taking place with several other tenants considering locating in Kaipola. These negotiations are expected to materialize into contracts during the current year.

Media and finance panel meeting in Himos 01.03.2024 (for invited guests)

Entrepreneurs planning to establish themselves in Kaipola, as well as potential investors and financiers, will participate in the financing panel event organized by Suomen Yrityskehitis Oy held in Himos on March 1, 2024. In connection with the event in the morning March 1st, there will be a media event from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., where the future Kaipola tenants will talk about their plans.

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